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Hemp Flour 250 Gms

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Per 30 Gms (3 tablespoons)

  • 14g Fibre
  • 9g Protein
  • 3g Omegas 3 & 6
  • Vegan & Gluten Free

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Flour

Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Usage: Add to make Crispy Dosas, Fluffy Pooris, Rotis, Homemade Bread,  Baked goods such as Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes, Pancakes, Muffins, Crepes, Protein Ladoos. Hemp flour is gluten-free, very ideal for baking our favourite goodies, for thickening sauces and making scrumptious breakfast and snacks.


Hemp flour is made from cold pressing the oil from the hemp seeds, what's left is known as a 'hemp cake.' This hemp cake is gently milled and turned into our heavenly, nutrient-dense hemp flour. It's also known as hemp bran or hemp fibre flour. One of the most remarkable benefits of hemp flour comes from its soluble fibre content. Using hemp flour in our baking means we can have our cake and eat it too. Since hemp flour is gluten free, it is missing the structural protein that stabilizes baking goods. Therefore, we recommend to replace only part of the flour in a recipe with hemp i.e. ¼ cup in making dosas, pooris, rotis, baking muffins or 10% of the flour in a bread recipe. Let’s not cut out our favorite brownie recipe because it's 'unhealthy.' Instead, upgrade that old cookbook recipe by using 25%-30% of hemp flour along with the other baking flour and see how good it makes us feel. With a delicious nutty taste and dark colour, friends and family will be asking what the secret is!

Fresh, high quality Hemp Cake



Storage Conditions:
Contains no additives or preservatives. Store in a cool & dry place away from direct sunlight.  Refrigerate after opening.



Some people may be allergic to specific ingredients. In case of any allergy or irritation caused by this product, discontinue use & consult a medical practitioner.

Want Fibre? One tablespoon of nutritious Hemp Flour has approx. 60% of our daily soluble fibre, it's near the threshold of what can be officially dubbed a 'prebiotic'. The hemp fibre is a combination of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre and it has a low GI index for those who have diabetes. It is also completely free from cholesterol, no saturated fat and low in sodium (salt). Soluble fibre turns into a nourishing gel in the gut that promotes a healthy microbiome, as this special gel acts as food for good bacteria. 

How to use Hemp Flour

Low Carb, Gluten-Free Hemp Bread

Hemp Flour & Oats Pancakes

Hemp Flour Brownies

Chocolate Chip Hemp Flour Cookies

We cold-press our hemp seeds to extract the oils (if we didn't remove the oils from the hemp seeds, they would turn into hemp butter when milled) although some of the healthful hemp seed oil does remain behind and end up in the hemp flour. After pressing the oil from the hemp seeds, what's left is known as a 'hemp cake.' This hemp cake is gently milled and turned into our heavenly, nutrient-dense hemp flour. Hemp Flour has an earthy nutty flavour and we recommend you to use about 25% hemp flour in any recipe requiring all-purpose plain flour for baking and general cooking requirements. Combine with other baking flours of choice in bread, muffins and biscuits. Great for pizza dough, waffles and pancakes. Add a few tablespoons of hemp flour to soups and hotpots to add that extra body or for thickening sauce. A 3:1 ratio of regular flour to hemp flour will create a dense and hearty loaf while just hemp flour does not rise and would result in mostly a normal roll but essentially turns our baked good into a super healing food. Please note this is a just our mere guideline and we recommend experimenting with various ratios of hemp flour to regular flour in our home cooked creations.
NO! They are completely different products. Hemp Flour is made from the raw hemp seeds with only approx. 30% oil. Hemp flour will contain over 60% soluble fibre, and lower amounts of protein - making it great as a baking substitute. It's also known as hemp bran or hemp fibre flour. Hemp Protein Powder on the other hand, will be finer and more suited for adding to post-workout protein shakes/smoothies, or simply taking straight for an anytime protein-boost.

Customer's Love


"Tried the hemp flour. Dissolves well in water and the taste is not bad. Hopefully meets my veg protein needs. "