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indus hemp
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INDICANNACO’s mission to transform our consumers health and beauty care starts simply and sustainably: with Indus Hemp.

Our Mission

We want to make a positive difference to people, communities and the planet! We are committed to our belief “Quality” starts at the source. We’re involved in the entire process of procuring our hemp seeds directly working with our cultivars to ensure the highest-grade Quality. Only the most tested, trusted Indus Hemp products will reach your shelf. We’re grateful to be making a difference in people’s lifestyle in health and beauty care while supporting our farming community and our environment which truly makes us happy!

Lead with Integrity

We understand that every action has an impact, so we are committed to always doing right for the people and the planet. From the growers we work with, to our employee team, from our retail partners to our loyal consumers, we are in a long-term collaborative relationship. We maintain transparency, honesty and integrity in our business practices.


Quality from Seed-to-Shelf

Quality is extremely important to us. We know how to unlock the power of the hemp seed better than anyone because we take a Seed-to-Shelf approach, controlling the quality in everything right from when our hemp seeds get procured, tested to how our products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed. Our Hemp Seeds, Oil and Hemp Hearts (being the crux of all our products) go through a rigorous third-party testing process during our production before leaving our facility to ensure maximum purity and absence of any residues which in turn ensures all our other products are of highest Quality.

Our Vision

We value a healthy mind, body and spirit and this is reflected in our culture of developing nutritious Hemp foods and highest quality Hemp Care products. The deep love and belief in Indus Hemp products is the pounding heart of our business. It lifts the spirit of all, around us and creates our uniqueness. The pride and responsibility we take in our People, Planet and Passion is the driving factor for our Sustainability which is valued as highly as prosperity. We strive for excellence in every facet of our business.

hemp for health by indus hemp
  • The people: Advocating and Educating and bringing awareness by unlocking the remarkable health and beauty care properties of Hemp.
  • To the planet: Offering sustainable farming practices, whole plant usage and a natural planet-friendly alternative to plastics, textiles, fuels and much more.
  • To our farming community: Providing ownership, accountability, and an upside to this high-value category as they are the backbone of our country. It can also be an alternative revenue stream for our farmers along with a sustainable eco-friendly product lines.
  • To our customers: Delivering highest-quality hemp products as we take a seed-to-shelf approach, with exceptional value and best-in-class service.
  • And Yes! It’s our Passion: Our passion for excellence in Hemp Products has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. Every product in our facility is manufactured with great care for our exclusive clientele looking to nurture themselves with highest quality nutrition of Health and Beauty care products.

In this new age of hemp, and in order to benefit both people and the planet there is a great need for hemp education in our community and country. We envision a not-too-distant future where we want to divulge into various other Hemp products that will become a cornerstone and a one stop shop of our daily lives. We have grown our portfolio of hemp products with a dedication to quality, sustainability and consumer wellness that has positioned the company as an upcoming leader in hemp products. We want to Hemplify lives of everyone around us and make this a better place to live.