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We’re emp’s Biggest Fans

At INDICANNACO, we know how to unlock the power of the hemp seed better than anyone because we take a seed-to-shelf approach, controlling the quality in procurement of our Hemp Seeds to how all our Hemp products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed.

We are dedicated to crafting high quality nutritious and healthy hemp superfoods and aesthetic effective skin and hair hemp care products that will nourish you and also be kind to our planet.

We are Hemp’s biggest fans, committed to advocating and educating the world about its powerful benefits. We earn trust the Indus Hemp way, letting our values guide our decision making from Seed to Shelf.

Indus Hemp is receiving an outpour of positive customer feedback since launching our Hemp Seed oil and other Hemp products through our e-commerce website, and a number of online retailers. We thank our customers in supporting us and plan to continue our brand expansion.

Our Quality from Seed-to-Shelf

As Hemp ventures industry experts, no one knows better than INDICANNACO (Indian Cannabis Company) how important quality and transparency are when choosing hemp seeds which makes our brand Indus Hemp JUST RIGHT!

We are one of the fastest growing Hemp Foods and Hemp Care Wholesaler, Retailer, Manufacturer & Exporter. Along with our touch of humanization we deploy purely mechanical, low-temperature processes resulting in the most nutritious food products and high-quality hemp care products. Our customers can be assured that we are committed to long term partnerships that achieve the highest level of innovation and customer satisfaction. All members of the company share this commitment and responsibility for quality.


Mission Vision

We are working on something exciting that we really care about! We believe that hemp can inspire a better way, a better life, and a better world – and it's up to us to sow these mighty seeds of change. That’s why our purpose is to transform people’s health and beauty care and wellness through the power of Hemp.

Hemp is the future, be a part of it!


Humans have had a relationship with hemp for millennia. Dive deep into some significant milestones in the cultivation and regulation of hemp and INDICANNACO’s role in shaping its future. Hemp and India go back thousands of years, infact the Vedas referred Cannabis Sativa as one of the most sacred plants.