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Why Indus Hemp ?

INDICANNACO (Indian Cannabis Company) is a hemp processing Industry, providing a range of sustainable, high quality and exceptional value hemp products.

Whether it’s yoga or a good diet or a skincare ritual, personal well-being has become an integral part of one’s daily routine. That’s why Indus Hemp, a Brand by INDICANNACO has come up with an exceptional combination of self-care and nutritional products (topical & dietary) that fit right into today’s mindful, wellness-oriented lifestyles. It is INDICANNACO’s commitment to grow and operate sustainably – in terms of environmental impact, long term growth and to bring nutritionally rich foods and high-quality hemp care products to our customers.

Indus Hemp is a proud product of India and the seed is procured from our growers, lab tested and certified, so customers know what to expect in terms of quality. Our Hemp seed contains less than 0.1% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which means it does not come with any risk of intoxicating effects, ONLY the therapeutic and potent benefits. A nutritional powerhouse of essential fatty acids, Indus hemp seed oil is the most ideal oil for our bodies to repair damaged cells, nurture our brain and enhance nerve function as it is packed with antioxidants.

As more Indians are opting for a plant-based lifestyle, Hemp is chosen continually as it promotes healthy hair, skin & nails due to its highest source of plant-based protein, omegas 3 & 6 essential fatty acids and Vitamins A & E.

We believe what goes on our body should be as fresh as what goes into our body.

We can’t say enough about this Powerful Little Plant!


To tell my INDICANNACO (Indian Cannabis Company) story, I’ve got to flip the calendar back to 2014 when I passed out of Lawrence School Lovedale and joined NALSAR University of Law Hyderabad. School and College life is one of the most memorable experiences of one’s life. Pretty much we all went through an exciting phase of college life but we were also concerned about our future – what’s in store for us?

In my earnest opinion, I believe that my venturing into the Cannabis industry had been pre-decided. Having been diagnosed with Osteoporosis Dissecans during my college life (a formidable genetic condition) that I had from school days but had no clue that it creates a decay of the cartilage between joints, such as knees, elbows etc. which the doctors told me this was a rare genetic condition for someone of my age, to have it in both my knees where I was unable to run / play any game without severe pain, thanks to a double-whammy of gruesome surgeries on both my knees in 2015.

By then I have gotten lost down the Cannabis rabbit hole 6 years ago with my R&D (Research & Development) and kind of stayed lost in it. I started to investigate my problem, understand the cause and the cure. My mind went probing on how to correct and rectify what happened to me and not get haywire why it happened? Surprisingly enough, my research placed Cannabis as an alternative to surgery, a solution to my problem but alas I couldn’t wait until then as I had to go under the knife earlier. A year later, I introduced myself to cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants known for its therapeutic benefits for pain relief. In 2017, I began taking CBD for pain management and immediately noticed a far more positive difference in my knees. Inspired by my new lease on life, I felt determined to bring CBD to more people which I am currently working on.

Prior to my completion of my B.A, L.L.B (Hons) from NALSAR University of Law, I began to chart my path into the cannabis territory. Some may even say I went to law college just for understanding and creating a path towards legalization of Cannabis in India. I continued my solo travels from college, during the span of my last few years there, I had travelled to places far and wide in the country looking for seed variants and cultivars of the cannabis plant that are indigenous to our country. Considering that the Himalayas were the birthplace of cannabis, meaning that countries like India, Afghanistan, Tibet, Pakistan all made part of the sacred land where cannabis was born, the first place to look was at major forests within the country and settlements nearby who depended on these forests.

It may be unbelievable to many of us even today, but cannabis in India is not something that is grown by people. Most of our cannabis comes from naturally growing cannabis plantations across the country. These plantations are basically the epicenters of the perfect climate for the growth of cannabis. And this was the beauty I was chasing. The eco-systems where these miracle plants grew naturally and yet yielded nutrient content and biomass that was 10 times more than those countries that grew the same plant commercially.

I am committed to educate and advocate people about Hemp and I must say that my family has come a long way in helping me achieve this dream. They say any change begins at home, and that's where I started. Convincing my family did take time but they surprised me, they not only let me do what I believed in, they also wanted to be part of Hemp. A year later, in 2020, we as a blended family, started our brand “Indus Hemp Superfoods” and “Indus Hemp Care Products” to begin with. Along with our online e-commerce store we also have our products at retails like Q-mart and other Health & Wellness Food stores and Sishu Medicals at Hyderabad.

Well, now I am on the move my journey as a relentless Hemptreneur!

I’m just a little plant


Less than 0.3% THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), in 3-4 months I can grow to produce over 50,000 commercial products (anything that food, cosmetics, medicine, wood, paper, concrete, cotton, plastic, fuel or oil can be used for).

I'm also an edible vegetarian protein including all essential amino acids, as well as omega's 3,6&9 essential fatty acids.

Best of all, I am renewable and I don't need to be genetically modified because I'm naturaly resistant to pests and weeds.

Our Hemp Foods Make It Super!

The hemp plant has so much to offer! Hemp seeds are a superfood packed with protein and other vital nutrients like Vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, Fibre, Zinc, Iron and an excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omegas 6 & 3 with a good ratio of 3:1. This superfood will provide us with tons of natural energy and help us with weight loss when we add it to our favourite dishes or drinks! Hemp Seeds are vegan friendly, gluten-free and a low-carb option for those unable to tolerate nuts, gluten, lactose or sugar.

Our Hemp Care Makes It Glowing!

The hemp plant has so much to offer! Our Hemp Care products are packed with an excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omegas 3 & 6 which contains Gamma-Linolenic acid – an important anti-inflammatory fatty acid that helps improve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. While it’s healthy fats play an important role in strengthening hair and maintaining skin health, the oil absorbs quickly and allows the skin to breathe easily. It also helps create a smoother, healthier & brighter looking complexion, reduces acne by balancing skin oil problems, redness and swelling and makes the skin and hair look healthy and glowing inside out!

Our Hemp Crop

Hemp is an amazing crop. It is versatile, roots deep, grows tall, and has a broad leaf that helps to naturally suppress weeds without the need for pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We take pride in the relationship we’ve built with our cultivars and our hemp seeds are sourced from all across the country where the seeds are grown and harvested sustainably to come to you in the purest, most nutrient-rich state. Our growers harvest our hemp seed within 3-4 months of sowing.


Hemp is a naturally sustainable crop – it uses less water than traditional crops, produces higher yields in smaller spaces, and is extremely resilient to pests and diseases.


In addition to food and cosmetics there are thousands of uses of hemp plant. Fibre – from textiles like rope and clothing, to construction material, bioplastics, fuel, and much more - it is as versatile as nature.


Compared with chia and flax seeds, hemp seeds provide double the amount of Protein, more Omegas, and half the Carbohydrates per serving and is Gluten-free.

Natural Beauty

Hemp Seed Oil is a multipurpose miracle oil! It is power packed with Omegas 3 & 6 fatty acids as well as Vitamin A & E antioxidants that provide an excellent moisturizing effect for dry and dehydrated skin and hair.

Charity Support

Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.

We at INDICANNACO (Indian Cannabis Company) strongly believe in the Philosophy of giving back to the society and we as a team have pledged in supporting the abandoned mentally challenged and differently abled children and the elderly. We have taken up an initiative to contribute a certain % of our profits to some of these committed charitable NGO’s across the country who help these abandoned disabled children and elderly directly. We thank you for being part of this initiative and making a small difference in their lives.

When we help others, we connect and nurture the qualities of love and compassion within us. This stimulates the most powerful of energies - Our spiritual energy which is the deepest and truest source of life force.

Most of us neglect Charity for two reasons:

  1. We are too pre-occupied with our life challenges that we have little bandwidth to think about others. We are simply too busy.
  2. We do not truly know what charity is or how to express it, not because we are unkind. We are innately charitable but we find it challenging as some of us do not know how or what to share.

Therefore INDICANNACO will help overcome these challenges by joining HANDS of HOPE with our lovable customers right here in MAKING A SMALL DIFFERENCE!!